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If you want to replace an object's material with one from a different model, follow these steps below.

Download this program: and then extract the files into your GTA:SA folder (where gta_sa.exe is) and open it up.

Then, find the model that you want to use the material of and then open up the SA:MP Map Construction program and click on LOAD.

After the program has finished loading, click on Insert Object and then type in the model id into the window.

Once you click OK on that window, your object should be spawned in and highlighted/tinted in red. Double-click the object and this window should pop open.

In the above image, red text has been added beside each of the datum that you will need to use ingame.

If there are multiple model textures listed, just choose the one you want to know, if you don't know which one it is, start at the top and try each different one.

To get the material of the ingame object changed, copy the data you need and compile the command in notepad so that you can paste it all as one ingame.

/mat [objectid] [index] [modelid] [txdname] [texturename] [mat col (0 for default)]

Replace objectid with the Object/Slot ID of the ingame object you want to change the material of, and the index should be 0 unless that does not seem to change the material, in which you would want to then use index 1 and keep increasing it until it appears to have changed. (Some objects don't work at all, if you go past index 10, it most likely does not work).

The modelID, texturename, and txdname are the ones that you get from SA:MP Map Construction and the mat col should be 0 unless you want to change the colour/tint of the material.

Input the command ingame and your material should be changed on the object you want!

Example: A51 Jet Door changed to a 0.3 wall material.

/mat [object id] 0 19365 all_walls mp_carter_wall 0

Example: A51 Jet Door changed to a 0.3 wall material.

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